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Why I chose to go Gluten Free.

Should you go Gluten Free? Disclaimer: I’d like to start this by saying I am not a doctor. Far from it. I’m sharing my experience and research that I’ve done with my readers because of how going gluten free has helped me. Anyone who is thinking about going gluten free should really do their own […]

Historical Bangor – Or My Adventures with Lead Poisoning

As any mother, I want to protect my children from EVERYTHING. Anything and everything. So when something gets past my radar, and messes with my kids, my Mama bear comes out full force. So when my son’s 15 month wellness check returned results that he had a lead count of 6, I immediately started to […]

11 Weeks – My Sweet Little Webling!

Nathaniel is starting to become more and more interactive (Well, today is a nap day… seriously the kid has been asleep like all day EVEN after a good night’s sleep!).  Above you can see him interacting with me as well as his play gym!  I love when he talks to me =) Latest Milestones – […]