Week 7

I may have bought these.  They are so adorable!!!!  Little shark baby booties!  Etsy is amazing.  These are only 15 dollars too which I was pretty happy with.  I’m sure I could “make” them and save the money, but at this point in time, I don’t have time to learn how to crochet, let alone have time to actually crochet.   When I go down to my Dad’s in August, Cyndie said she would try to teach me how to crochet.

So the only major complaints for this week so far are cramps.  I still have that random queasy feeling, but it seems to be getting better.  I had been drinking ginger ale thinking it would help and honestly, I think it was making it worse.  The bubbles from the carbonation were making me very bloaty and unhappy.  I’m also avoiding anything spicey cause it gives me indigestion.

I also found a Gatorade drink that I like and that is GF!  So for the most part, I only like the red flavors but Fruit Punch Gatorade has modified food starch in it which is super annoying.  Modified food starch can be corn starch or flour starch, basically whatever is cheapest at that time.  BUT, and figure this out cause it’s super weird, the X-factor which is a combination of Fruit Punch and Berry does NOT have modified food starch in it.  So I can drink that flavor.  Gatorade is really good because it has electrolytes which rehydrate me and make me feel a lot better.

Still getting super sleepy super early, which makes work very difficult at the moment.  I work 11am to 10pm, and I have an hour drive home.  So normally, I don’t get home till 11pm.  Thank god I have a ton of vacation built up so I can take time off from work and recuperate!

I also found this awesome counter top dishwasher that is only $238 on Amazon (with prime no less!) and is absolutely perfect for our little family and kitchen!  I’m so jazzed about this.  I didn’t want to be tripping and dragging over a portable dishwasher constantly.  Specially not when I’m super preggers!  It’s perfect for baby bottles and your nightly dishes from dinner!

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