Free Stuff Part 1

So last week, I took part of an awesome WTE deal.  Basically, you got free baby items, and only had to pay for shipping.  The shipping was a little expensive for my taste ($11 – each), but the items were at no cost when normally, each one was $39.99.

As of today, I’ve already received three out of the four items I got!

These are reusable cotton breast pads for nursing.  They can be washed, are super comfortable, and are normally super expensive.  I got ten of them for $11.
This is a baby sling like the Moby sling.  Again, normally 39.99, but got it for $15 (there was some sort of exchange fee).
This is a breastfeeding cover.  I think it’s super pretty and basically just hangs over your neck to give your little one privacy in public places.  
Currently right now, if you go to , you can get the wrap free with this code FAMILY2012.  When you purchase the sling, it will give you a code to get a free udder cover as well! Then you get a code for a free car seat cover.  I haven’t received my car seat cover as of yet, but will post it when I get it!!
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