13 weeks and 5 days… and a week of being sick

Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE sinus infections?
So last Tuesday night, after the ultrascreen, I started to get a sore throat.  I didn’t think much of it, thinking I probably was just dehydrated.  I went to work on Wednesday and by the time I got home and was ready for bed, my throat was killing me.  I could feel like a blockage of mucus in the back of my throat so I knew it was being caused by drainage but my nose wasn’t stuffed up at all.  I used my neti pot and hoped I’d feel better in the morning.

Yeah no.  That certainly didn’t happen.  I spent Thursday – today mainly in bed or on the couch.  Symptoms: migranes, sore throat, inflamed sinuses, runny nose, sneezing, ear/face itching/hurting, and coughing.
I ventured out for a brief time to visit family on Sunday due to my mother throwing Nate and I a fantastic wedding celebration.  It was nice to see the fam, even though my nose and head were killing me.

As of today, I went to the doctors and found out that I have a secondary sinus infection and an ear infection.  The good news?  It’s getting better.   The bad news? because it’s getting better, I can’t get any medication.  Boooooo.

Other than that, my first trimester treated me well as long as I was responsible and scheduled my food times well.  Second trimester is here, though honestly I still haven’t really noticed a difference.  I would say I’m less tired, but with being sick, I have been exhausted.

Anyways, time for some belly shots!

I’m cheating here because I pulled my pants up =)

Pants lower on my hips.

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