Surprise! Lets skip ahead a week to 15 weeks 4 days!

So yesterday, I got a little surprise.  I called my doctor to find out a little more info about my headaches.  They have started to get bad again, and my nose is starting to get stuffy and sore again =/  While on the phone, I got permission to change my tylenol dosage to 1000mgs every 8 hours and that I could now take sudafed where I am in the second trimester.  Along with the nettie pot, saline solutions, sleep, water, and peppermint oil, I should find some relief.

While on the phone, I asked about my Ultrascreen results.  Everything came back perfect (YAY), but they did decide to make it official.  Based on the measurement from crown to rump, I’m actually 15 weeks 4 days which changes the due date to Feb 23rd, 2013!

So my next appointment is Sept 14th (My 28th birthday!) and at that appointment, we will be scheduling the anatomy scan!  I can’t wait to find out what my baby is!  Ready to start taking some guesses!!!!

I did speak to my boss about changing my schedule.  Probably won’t be till October, which is fine, since I already have my Fridays in Sept booked, as well as the first weekend in October.  Still hoping that they will be hiring for SAR soon.

I can still kinda hide it…

Getting round!!!!

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