16 weeks and 5 days – Baby, what are you!?

A lot has happened in a week while not much has really happened.  First, I took advantage of Motherhood Maternity 30% off sale and got a gorgeous maternity dress for 20 bucks (that included shipping)!

Sept 6th, 15 weeks 5 days.

Sept 11th, 16 weeks 4 days
Sept 11th, 16 weeks 4 days 

I absolutely LOVE this dress!  It’s beautiful.  It’s a gray maxi dress with a small belt that definitely accentuates the baby bump.  Normally, it’s 39.99 but on sale for 29.99 and with 30% off and free shipping, I got an amazing deal!

Nate and I have begun to start stock piling certain items.  Last week, I got 234, size 1 swaddlers Pampers for 35.00 which is pretty cheap.  Pampers has a great rewards program called “Gifts to Grow”.  Basically, whenever you purchase a Pampers product, it comes with a special code that you enter in and get points on.  Those points can be used to purchase rewards off of their website.  As most of you know, I’m already part of the Disney Movie Rewards Club, and by saving my points was able to get a 90 dollar Baby Einstein 2 in 1 jumper for free!  In the economy size box of 234 diapers, you get three codes to enter, which is about 108 points.  We won’t be buying a lot of size 1 diapers, mostly size 2 and 3, since the babe with spend more time in those, but it’s a great way to help budget the diaper expenses. Another plus, is that I order them from Amazon.  Now, I have Amazon Prime which automatically means I have Amazon Mom.  So when I buy diapers on Amazon, I get a 15% discount on the diapers, and then for subscribing to them, I got an additional 5% discount.  Pretty neat, huh?

I also was shopping on craigslist and found a perfect condition, only used for two months, Medella in style advance breast pump (backpack style) for $150.  Now some of you may be cringing thinking “A USED BREAST PUMP?!” but it’s not as gross as it sounds.  In fact, it’s not gross at all.  This pump is normally priced at $300 and you are mainly paying for the electric pump.  All the “personal parts” are disposable and can be replaced by purchasing the accessory kit.  You can pick this up on Amazon for about 23 dollars.  This includes bottles, the tubing, the horns, etc.  Basically anything that would have touched the body or had any fluids in it.  So I pretty much just paid for an electronic pump in a backpack.  It also came with a cooler with a form fitting bottle ice pack for transport.  The other great aspect of this pump is that it’s a double pump with a battery pack, in case you don’t have access to electricity and need to pump.  This used pump came with it’s box, all the packaging, and all the instruction manuals.  It was a really great find!

And lastly, here’s a picture of the bump!

I’m definitely popping… and popping fast!

BUT THE BEST PART OF THIS WEEK:  I felt the baby ROLL in my belly!  IT WAS AMAZING!  IT felt like there was a ball literally rolling in my belly.  It was both nauseating and wonderful.  Imagine a pingpong ball rolling in your belly.  It almost feels like the swish of the ocean inside and kinda makes you feel sea sick.  I love you, Baby!  I just wish I knew what you were so I could name you!!!

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