Anatomy scan – Gender reveal!!

And the verdict is in.  Nate and I would like to announce that Emmy is getting a little:

!!!!  I’m so excited. First of all, little boys are ridiculously cute.  Second, who in the world could be a cooler parent to a boy?!  I love comics, action movies, video games (the violent ones hehe), and fantasy books.  I’m also completely enamored by my cousin Missy’s son and my friend Monica’s son.  They are just so freaking adorable.

The anatomy scan was pretty cool.  My brain was completely broken by the time we got there, and my anxiety was through the roof.  I literally just wanted to know 1) whether it was a boy or girl and 2) if everything was ok with the baby.

I still don’t feel very pregnant, so I’m always super anxious and surprised when that cute little baby shows up on the ultrasound.  But when it does, I feel like a light turns on inside me.  I have a baby!

Anyways, I laid on the table and watched as the ultrasound tech and the med student looked at every aspect of my sweet baby.  And, I love this tech.  Everything out of her mouth is positive.  I have 1 in 10k chances of any birth defects.  Every part of my baby was text-book, perfect, gorgeous, etc.  It just makes me beam.  My body was able to create something perfect.  Everything looked great and as we fished around looking at everything, I caught a sight of it!  I looked at Nate, the tech, and said “That looks like a boy!”  She smiled and said she wasn’t ready to confirm anything yet.  I think this was around the time I grabbed Nate’s hand.  We got a better look and yes, it definitely is a boy!!!!!

I’m going to have a little gamer!!!!!!

Everything else was kind of a blur.  We have to go back in six weeks to get a little bit better picture of the heart.  Everything looked fine, but my little man wouldn’t roll up and show off his chest so we could get a good look at the front of the heart.  Which means… I GET TO SEE MY LITTLE ONE AGAIN IN JUST SIX WEEKS!  I’m so excited.

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