Tj Maxx – Home of the awesome deals

It’s funny.  I remember being a child and hating Tj Maxx.  There was so many different things at this store which guaranteed that I would be stuck in Tj Maxx shopping hell forever.

And then I went shopping with Cyndie for baby clothes and learned… Wow, Tj Maxx has some really great deals!

So now that I know Baby Webling is a little boy, I was dying to add something boyish to his closet.
(Also – Fyi, the lighting in my room was horrendous when I took these.)



Close up on the front!

$5.00!!! It’s an open gown at the bottom.

Oh yeah and it’s green.

$3.99 for 8 washcloths with sharks on them!

2.99 for two pairs of pants!

There.  I’m done buying any clothing till after the baby shower.  I just had to add something to that closet haha!!!!

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