20 weeks!

This past weekend, Nate and I flew down to Philadelphia for my best friend Holly’s wedding.  I flew down Thursday morning, while Nate flew down late Friday night.

And I had a blast!
Philadelphia is a very scary place, but it has so much culture!  And the food!  Omg…
Let’s see… My menu was something like this:
Ihop – Eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns
Yummy Pad Thai and soup
Night Market – Braised short ribs over creamy polenta, Sweet corn on the cob, frozen yogurt
Sweet Freedom – GF chocolate chip cookie frosting sandwich!
Rice Chex
Bibimbap – Korean food with beef, sauce, sprouts, spinach, whole grain rice, bokchoi in a yummy stone bowl that cooks it till it caramelizes.
Chicken with mixed chinese vegetables and eggdrop soup
Greek Frozen Yogurt
Eggs and Bacon
Phili-yo (More frozen yogurt but it had chocolate and cheesecake frozen yogurt, cantaloupe, kiwi, gummi bears, jimmies, blue berries, peanut butter cup)
A variety of yummy asian food at like a buffet rehearsal dinner
And surprise surprise – more ice cream!
Sunday (WEDDING DAY!!!!):
Eggs, sausage, frosted flakes
Soup, Cesar salad, and prime rib
Wedding frosting =) and a Sweet Freedom cupcake
Tiramisu from room service =) 
I’m pretty sure I put on a few pounds while there =)  Which is good!  I loved sharing Holly and Phil’s wedding day with them.  It was beautiful.  I danced, jumped in a pool in an expensive dress, and ate!

Look at that little boy popping out my belly like that!  
Jamie Webster

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