Pregnancy Survey: 21 weeks!

How far along? 21 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: Gained between 10 and 15lbs give or take.

Maternity clothes? Started wearing them. Have one pair of pants, two dresses, and several cute shirts. I like the maternity clothing because it really pronounces my bump. Also at this point, they are a lot more comfy. I have my size 10 jeans (pre-pregnancy size 6) that are comfortable now and not falling off as much!

Stretch marks? None on belly – just the ones on my thighs from previous weight gain.

Sleep: Starting to not get as much. Getting up a lot to go pee or because I’m uncomfortable. Hip and back pain.

Best moment this week: Feeling the baby tapping inside me!

Movement: Anterior placenta so mostly just feel a tapping feeling though it has been getting way more frequent!

Food cravings: Comfort foods. Pretty much anything that I can’t have.

Gender: A little baby boy =)

Labor Signs: better not be getting any of those any time soon…

Belly Button in or out? Still super in…

Wedding rings on or off? On and still pretty loose. Constantly fixing them. I really want to get them sautered…

What I miss: My size six jeans.

What I am looking forward to: Curling up with my baby boy! A sooner experience: feeling him really move so Nate and Em can possible feel him kicking around in there.

Weekly Wisdom: Do not try to sleep through having to go pee. It is way more painful than the 2 minutes it takes to just go to the bathroom…

Milestones: Looking into signing up for birth classes!

Jamie Webster

About Jamie Webster

Just your average blogger. Married 2 years with two wonderful children who are 6 years apart. Little about me: I’m turning 31 this year (yikes), have had 9 foot surgeries in 8 years and have spent a little over 4 years of my life in and out of a wheel chair (or scooter). And today, I am training for a half marathon. I attribute two major changes in my life to my healing: the power of goal setting and going gluten free.