The Tale End of 21 Weeks!

I recently realized that my third trimester is only a month away.  That scares the crap out of me just as much as it makes my heart soar.  So close…

I’ve actually been a lot more tired this week.  I think my schedule is really catching up with me.  I work Monday-Thursday with a two hour commute.  So I leave at 9:45am and don’t get home till 11:15pm.  I also work 10 hour days with an 11 hour lunch.  Often times, when I get home, I have a hard time immediately going to sleep.  So at most, I only ever get like 7 hours of sleep.

So the exhaustion makes sense.  Fingers crossed – I should hear about my schedule change sometime next week.

I scheduled my gestational diabetes test this AM for November 9th.  I’m not really excited about this test.  I hope I don’t have the dreaded GD.  Last thing I need right now is another dietary restriction.

Next Friday, October 26th, I will have the ultrasound that checks on baby’s heart.  I’m pretty excited to see the baby again.  I’m not really worried at all about the ultrasound because they just want to look at the front of the heart to see the four chambers.  Everything looked good during the anatomy scan, they just couldn’t see the front because my little guy wouldn’t put his chest up.  He was all snuggly with my placenta =)  So hopefully next week I should have a new profile picture of the baby!  Maybe even a little video if he cooperates.

Afterwards, I’m going to have some prenatal stretching, massage, and manipulation done to see if it’ll help my back.

Got another two outfits on sale!!  Both were under six bucks!

Six bucks

Five bucks!

And of course, the bump pictures taken a few days ago:

My baby sorta feels like a giant boulder in my belly.  I can’t believe he’s under a pound!

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