23 weeks!

Here’s a 23 week and 3 days bump picture:

The last week has been slightly stressful.  Saturday, we were forced to purchase a new vehicle which, now that it’s all done and taken care of, is definitely a wonderful thing.  But the process of buying a vehicle is super stressful.  But we did well and came out of everything with a cute 2009 Kia Optima.  I drive a 2008 Toyota Yaris which is definitely great on gas, but not the best family car.  The Optima is definitely larger and more family friendly.
Work has also delayed my schedule change… again.  I’m definitely getting more and more tired, which makes work difficult.  I’m going in for some blood tests next week (including the GD testing), and honestly, I’m almost hoping they do find out I’m anemic, because that to me is a better answer than “Well, you are pregnant” as being a reason for tired.
Onto happier subjects though: Halloween was a blast!  Even though it was raining, we had a nice little window where we got to trick or treat without getting too wet.  Nate and I did not dress up and while Em’s Sailor Moon costume didn’t show up in time, she did make a pretty cute Zebra!  Here are some cute pictures of my daughter and my Bumble Bean!

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