25 Weeks – And a cute story

Nathaniel has been getting more and more wiggly as of late.  Everything was great at my 25 weeks appointment, though my nurse practitioner, Lyndsay did mention that my uterus is growing a little weird, but not abnormally.  They can find the fundus easily, but she said my uterus was very soft and growing wide vs growing horizontally.  Again, nothing to be concerned with though.

They did decide though that at my next appointment, 28 weeks – November 29th, that I should have another ultrasound, just to check on my cervix.  I don’t know if I mentioned this previously, but in 07, I had a LEEP done due to some cancerous cervical cells.  No biggie, but it can cause problems with your cervix in future pregnancies (small percentage).  Here’s a site that can tell you more about the procedure and how it can affect pregnancy.  So stay tuned for more cute ultrasound pics!

Now for the cute story: Because I’ve been feeling Nathaniel more and more, I decided one night to check to see if could feel him on the outside.  Sure enough, I felt a gentle tap on my hand.  I was extremely excited because I’ve been waiting for this moment so that Nate could feel his son move.  So I grabbed Nate’s hand and jammed it down on my lower belly.  We waited, and while I could feel Nathaniel moving around inside, he wasn’t really kicking, so Nate couldn’t feel it.  So we waited and waited, and finally I asked if he felt anything.  Nate said no not yet.  Then he said “oh was that something?” right after Nathaniel kicked.  I got excited and was just about to say yes, when Nathaniel pulled back his leg or fist and slammed me hard.  So hard that I jumped.  Nate’s response, “I definitely felt that!”  Ow….   
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