Reflections on the first and second trimesters.. (27 weeks)

As I cautiously enter the third trimester, I have started to reflect back on the previous two trimesters.

Honestly, my first trimester was pretty perfect in regards to physical symptoms.  I was rarely nauseous and my main annoyance was the fact that I needed to pee like crazy (though nothing compared to the frequency I pee now…).  I was also extremely exhausted and spent many vaca days sleeping.
The other major thing I noticed was that my cute underwear no longer fit comfortably and I had to switch over to the “granny panties”.

There was some minor cramping while my body began to stretch, but other than that, it was pretty easy going.

Psychologically and emotionally, it was super stressful.  A lot was changing for me and I genuinely feared miscarriage.  I didn’t feel pregnant and that scared me.  I was scared of detachment from the baby in many ways.  Also, other than this blog and my journals, I had nothing the occupy my mind other than counting down the days till the next week.  And did I mention I was tired?  This definitely didn’t help.

Second trimester was better, though.  I got my cute lil bump, got to see Nat for the first time, got to find out we were having a lil boy, and began shopping.  I was less tired and had more information so that I could obsess at the Nat in what I viewed was a healthier way.

My anxiety and stress lessened a lot after finding out I was having a son.  I was able to relax and become more fixated on my son instead of all the unknowns.  Symptoms were minimal.  I started to feel my son move which reduced most of my major fears. 

27 Weeks

And now I’m even closer to the end, to having a son to snuggle with.  I hope the third trimester is good to me and that all goes well as we get closer to D-day.  Less than three months left!!!!

Jamie Webster

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