Baby Shower + 29 Weeks!

Sorry it took me forever to get these posts up!  It’s been a very very busy week!

So my baby shower was December 9th and was absolutely amazing!  My family was very generous, giving us many hand made things and nearly everything we needed for baby ‘Thaniel!  Pictures shall tell the story!

My mother made this for Nathaniel James =)

Our guests

Party Favors!

My husband made this =)  He’s a graphic designer who makes banners!!

A gluten-free chocolate cake and peanut butter frosting.

My daughter and I!

Gifts and the outer space quilt my mother made!

Terribad pictures of me but the lovely crib set my Step-mum and Dad got for me!

The girls helping open the big presents!

A fuzzy blanket my Aunt Cheryl made for Nathaniel!

My lil Superman!

Another beautiful quilt my Mother made for ‘Thaniel!

This is the cradle I slept in when I was a newborn. My grandfather, who died two months before I was born, bought it for me.  I have always dreamt of the day my child would sleep in it <3


A cute dog named Patches that my Aunt Cheryl made to go with the blanket!

The hat.

Jamie Webster

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