Baby Shower Part 2!

So I wanted to take a picture of everything together.  Not everything is pictured here but a lot of the gifts that I received in the mail are here.  Some of these others (rocking chair, stroller, etc) won’t make an appearance until I’ve (read: Husband) puts them together.  So onward!
This is the big sister quilt that my Grandmother Janice made for Em!

The back side!

The top knitted sweater in this picture is from my Grandmother Jackie! Handmade for lil Thaniel!

The clothing haul!

In the middle of this picture, are a pair of mittens and a hat that my MIL Helen knitted for Thaniel!

I love all my superhero onsies =D  From my MIL Ruth!

From Nancy Fish!  I adore these.  First of all, I’m a huge dinosaur nut. Second of all, I love the little hoodie on the back of the bear sweater!!!  It has a little bear hat!  SO CUTE!  Thank you, Nancy!

The bibs!

The shoes!  Look at those cute dragon shoes!!!

A froggie rattle with lil froggie slippers!

I had this handmade from Etsy!

Wash clothes and towels!
Love from my Cousin Suzanne!!!  So cute!

AHHHH!!! DRAGON WUBBY!  I love this MB!! Thank you!

Onsies, hats, and mittens in little cupcake shapes from Trish and Aunt Joy!
Love from Grammie Julie!  Thaniel will sleep, and I will hopefully not kill him..

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