Baby Burp Cloth Recipe

For the 18″ x 18″ burp cloths (I love bacon):
-Cut a square of cotton/flannel with a design on it (or not if you’d prefer just plain). It should measure 19″ x 19″ – That way you can hem half an inch on either side. (If you decide to use a cloth diaper, you will just cut the cloth the same size as the cloth diaper.)
-Cut a square of terry cloth (I used an old towel, some people use a cloth diaper). Again 19″ x 19″ (or if you are using a cloth diaper you don’t need to cut it at all).
-Pin the flannel/cotton to the diaper/terry cloth wrong side out. So if you are using something patterned, it would be the side that is not patterned. Usually it looks super faded. Hem the flannel/cotton to the diaper terry cloth on three sides.
-Turn item inside out. Now you should have one side open (that is your top). Pattern side should be facing out with either the diaper or terry cloth on the back.
-Pin the un-hemmed side so the top of each fabric is folded in. This is called an invisible hem. It’ll make it look like the other sides. Sew it closed.
Fold in half and throw over your shoulder! You are all done!

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