30 Weeks – It’s getting real!

First of all!  Here is a 29 week Christmas photo of my little family!  This was taken on December 11!

The black dress kinda hides the bump but oh well!

So, as one can see, I’ve been pretty busy throwing the nursery together and making little crafts.  Unfortunately, I’m currently out of work because my cute little fetal overlord has thrown out my hip.  Basically, my left hip is rotated and is now stuck.  It is horrendously painful.  Now sure, I get it.  Many pregnant women, especially in the last 10 weeks, have hip pain.  The difference here (not to say one person’s pain is more than another’s) is that I have had 8 foot surgeries, 6 of which have been on my right foot.  My hips keep going out from under me causing me to fall.  Recently, while trying to go down the stairs at work, my hips went out from under me, and I slipped, caught myself with the railing, but still banged my belly into the railing.  Because of this, my doctor took me out of work, because while the ‘Thaniel is safe and sound, it just takes one fall to either hurt my foot or hurt Nat.  So I’m not on bed rest, but officially on rest (meaning, they don’t want me confined to bed because it could cause blood clots and bone loss – but they don’t want me doing a ton of stuff).

So for the most part, I’m just sitting home, watching TV, going to PT two times a week, and trying not to hurt myself.  There has been talk about early induction and possible c-section to protect my hip.  I’m hoping for an all natural birth right around 38-39 weeks, but we’ll see.  In other news, 30 week bump is below!!!!!!

Belly button is still in!

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