33 Weeks – Pressure, Breastfeeding Class, Projects!!!

33 1/2 weeks. 6 1/2 weeks till my due date.  At this exact time, I have 45 days left till my due date.  EXCITING!!!  
Like most expecting mothers, I’d love to go early, as long as my Nathaniel is nice and healthy and ready to come out.  We’ve had several expecting mothers in our 2013 Due Date February Club go early between 35 and 36 weeks.  Like 6 of them so far!!  With all healthy babies =)
These days pregnancy can be pretty uncomfortable.  I have a lot of pressure on my bladder at this point, so even a little bit of urine in my bladder puts me in pain.  But, I do not have a UTI.  Rest assured!
Last night, Nate and I were sitting on the couch when I touched my belly and could definitely feel a body part!  A head?  A butt? I don’t know!  I poked it a bunch, then freaked out after he moved, because if it was his head, did I dent it?!?!  I’m sure he is fine… but I’m a spaz.
Today is a big day for me.  I have the first part of my birthing classes tonight – the breast feeding class from 6 to 8:30pm.  I’m excited, and nervous.  I told Nate he didn’t have to come with me since a breast feeding class for 2 1/2 hours sounds like they might be whipping out boobs in front of us =P  I’m pretty excited though.  Everything is starting to feel really real!
And because I’m excited/impatient, here are the burp cloths I made this morning!  These are a little different than my previous ones.  I actually made these with the backs being made from cloth diapers vs terry cloth.  They are a little smaller, but still fit nicely over my shoulder.
All three!

Those are music notes.

T-rex! Dinos! RARR!

Camo frogs =P

It’s funny because as Nat starts to run out of room, I do seem to see him move more, feel body parts, but instead of feeling kicks, I feel more just random movement.  And he never wakes me up at night so until yesterday, I thought maybe he was sleeping when I was sleeping…. Nope!  Definitely not the case.  Nate tells me the other night, I’d fallen asleep, and he was still awake.  He had rested his hand on my belly, and Nathaniel was kicking the crap out of me.  He said it felt like he was having a temper tantrum, just going to town punching and kicking.  And I just snored away (well not really because I don’t snore, but I was completely unphased!)  Nate was floored that I could sleep through that =)  
In other news: I have a 34 week appointment tomorrow, our all day birthing class on Saturday at the local hospital, and maternity photos on the 19th!!!!
And lastly: 33 week bump pics!

Still an inny, and look at that linea nigra!

Ok… T-shirts doesn’t do the bump any justice!


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