Birth Classes and 34 weeks!

39 days left till our due date, Feb 23rd!

Nathaniel is moving around!  I don’t feel as many kicks as I use to, but more so, I feel him twirling around in there.  There is usually always a body part that can be felt.  A butt.  A leg or arm.  I can’t be exactly sure what part of him it always is, but I can tell if it’s something round, something thin an arm/leg like, and always something hard!  I’m also seeing my belly move more.

I’ve started having contractions, or more intense Braxton Hicks, I dunno.  It hurts.  It hurts like he’s kicking my cervix.  A little bit of period like pain, but never more than a couple a day.  At our last appointment, Nathaniel was laying transversely (side to side) which was a change from my previous visit where he had been head down.  He still has some room to move, and I have come to believe he definitely likes to lay transversely as he has most of my pregnancy.

I really enjoy being able to feel his little body parts.  I pat him and chatter at him.  But it can also be a little uncomfortable (and by a little I mean sometimes it is insanely uncomfortable)!

Saturday was our all day Birth Class.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I primarily wanted to go to learn more about newborn care, though I knew they would spend most of the time talking about labor and delivery.  We got a tour of the maternity wing, and my only disappointment, really, was that there are no tubs/whirlpools to help with labor.  Now I’m not a huge fan of water, so I don’t even know if it would have helped, but I thought the warmth might.

We saw the gory videos that I could have done without, because I have no interest in watching a baby come out of me, so I don’t really want to see a baby coming out of someone else.  I got more information about pain options and again have found that I would prefer to go pain free, but if need be after 5cm, would get an epidural, especially to speed along things if labor stalls.

We also got to see a newborn baby get a bath.  She was about a day and a half old, 6lbs and so many ounces.  It was pretty terrifying.  The little one screamed as she was sponged and changed by the nurse and only stopped crying when the baby was swaddled.  It was almost immediate!  One minute baby is screaming, the next, the nurse was finishing the swaddle and the baby just quieted.  So swaddling apparently works =)

There were some couple building exercises, massages for Nate to perform on me while in labor, etc.  After the class, we picked up a birthing ball to start helping me with exercising my hips and back.
Nate was fantastic and it only made me feel more close to him.

And lastly, the pictures of the 34 week bump!


Still an inny!

Even maternity shirts don’t exactly fit over Nathaniel anymore!

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