35 Weeks – Nursery Complete (except for curtains) and Maternity photos!

Short post, mostly pictures!  Saturday marked 35 weeks pregnant!  To celebrate, Nate and I went out and had maternity photos done!!  So we have some professional bump photos to show off, instead of my crappy webcam photos hahah!
I love this picture so much.

We look like we can ALMOST stand each other =P hehe.

The obligatory 35 week bump with hand hearts =)

 To top it off, we also picked up a few last minute items for the nursery.  We got the pack and play, carpet, etc and Nate finished the picture he was drawing for ‘Thaniel’s room.  And here is the finished product!!!

So much clothing =)  The green coat on the right is actually Emma’s old coat!

 All that is left to do is to make the curtains and do a little more organizing!  Just a little!  I want to put all the booties into a little bin kind of like the picture above with the bath supplies.  I might actually just put the bath stuff in the bathroom and use that box.

For an update on ‘Thaniel: Man, he is moving around so much now!  And he’s all butt and elbows haha.  Still not having any pre-labor signs which is fantastic!  I keep trying to get a video of him squirming around to show off my alien belly, but usually by the time I pull out the camera, he’s stopped!  Little troll baby!  Only 33 days left now to our due date!!!!

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