36 Weeks – Pretty sure this kid is headbutting my cervix…

Ah, 36 weeks.  ~3 to 5 weeks left.  As of today, 27 days left to the due date.

Nat is running out of room.  He has stretched my stomach about as far as I can go – or hope I can go – and now it just feels like he is tossing and turning, back and forth, in my belly.  The best example I have is when someone is laying next to you in bed and keeps tossing and turning.  Yeah, I can feel that inside me!

Those better not be stretch marks under my belly.  BAD BOY, Nathaniel! <3

That’s a baby, not a bowling ball.

I’m huge, but cute =)

I am now seeing my OB weekly which is exciting.  Had the Group B Strep test done at my last visit (not that bad).  She checked my cervix and said it was tightly closed but was 70% effaced.  Basically, that means that out of it’s 70% thinned out and should start dialating.  They are going to monitor my cervix though for two reasons: 1) My cervix may have been shorter than a normal cervix due to my LEEP so 70% maybe skewed – though at last ultrasound, she said my cervix was at least 3 inches long; 2) My cervix may have scar tissue over it due to the LEEP, causing issues with my cervix dialating which could cause issues with going into labor.  It’s pretty much a we’ll see and keep checking situation.  I’m not really all that concerned.  I’m sure regardless, they will get this child out of me!

Also, when checking my cervix, she said that she could feel his head, so it looks like we have finally moved into the right position and hopefully he’ll stay there!  I feel like I have dropped, though when I look at my pictures, I can’t tell if I’ve dropped.  I feel a constant pressure though.  He’s so heavy!
Still no guesses on weight though =(  Praying for a 6lber!

I have been having some dizziness issues, though again, I think it’s all linked with the swelling and mucus in my sinuses which have been a reoccurring issue since week 3 of pregnancy!  Hopefully, I’ll be able to breathe as soon as I get this little one into my arms!

Let’s compare bellies!

34 Weeks
36 Weeks

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