A plea to Luke Bryan

As I’ve said before: sometimes life gets in the way of your plans.

I’m personally on maternity leave from my work and was very sad to hear that my dear friend Karen Rawski Brodeur was hospitalized May 30th.  She, and everyone else, were hoping it would be a short stay but surgery, infection, and a trip to the ICU decided otherwise.  Karen is a fighter.  Anyone who knows her know how much of a fighter she is.

Karen has many loves: Her husband Kevin, her two border collies Sophie and Libby, her two cats Rocky and Hattie Mae (well that’s actually Kevin’s cat but…), Tom Brady…  But she is definitely the NUMBER ONE fan of Luke Bryan, who just happens to be in town this weekend.


Unfortunately, Karen is going to have to sit this concert out as she is still in the hospital recovering and has been for over a month.

Currently, Karen’s friends (headed by Kelley Anderson) are hoping to get the word out to Luke Bryan using a public Facebook post with the #LukeBryan and #Calls4Karen.  We are all hoping that while Luke Bryan is in the area if he would maybe give her a call at EMMC (or maybe show up and blow her mind).

Help us get this message to Luke Bryan and bring a little happiness to someone who needs all the positive energy as she heals and gets back to her beautiful and boisterous self.

EDIT: Karen has finally been released from the hospital but still will not be able to attend the concern.  She has a long journey to heal ahead of her and a call and/or visit from Luke Bryan would surely boost her morale!  Keep on sharing #Lukebryan

Below is the Facebook post that is currently circulating and can be found HERE if you want to share it yourself:

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 3.17.16 PM

Written by Kelley Anderson (with permission) it says:

“For those who don’t know, Luke Bryan will be playing a concert in Bangor this weekend.

NOONE on this Earth is a bigger Luke Bryan fan than my dear friend, Karen Rawski Brodeur. There are 4 things in this world that she treasures – her husband Kevin, her pets, pink camo, and Luke Bryan – and not necessarily in that order. 😉 The things she holds dear are instantly obvious to even those who have had the pleasure of just meeting Karen – so much so that her new team at work even gave her a Luke Bryan birthday cake!

Karen desperately wanted to attend the upcoming concert this weekend, but instead will be a short distance up the road at Eastern Maine Medical Center, recovering from her recent surgery. While it is heartbreaking news that Karen won’t be able to attend the concert, she is still fighting & showing her willpower to overcome her recent medical issues with her characteristic mix of Texas-sass & Yankee sarcasm!

Please join me in spreading this message far and wide – putting it out there for the Fates to see – in hopes that Luke Bryan will call his most devout & sincere fan, Karen, and wish her a speedy recovery. 🙂


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